1390722_10200708947912190_1017630440_nColumbus SCUBA, Inc. (CSI) diving offers a long list of SCUBA courses ranging from Basic through Instructor. CSI teaches the Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI) as our primary training agency due to its high standards and thorough course content.

ALL of the major training agencies and CSI share the most important purpose: "To put certified SCUBA divers SAFELY in the water". We currently offer certifications in:

We currently offer certifications in:

PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instruction)

PADI-LogoThe PADI Story
Two Friends, a Bottle of Scotch and an idea. It’s hard to believe that the world’s largest scuba diving training organization was dreamt up by two friends in Illinois over a bottle of Johnny Walker in 1966. John Cronin, a scuba equipment salesman for U.S. Divers, and Ralph Ericson, an educator and swimming instructor, were concerned about the SCUBA diving industry. They felt that the current SCUBA certification agencies were unprofessional, didn’t use state of the art instruction and made it unnecessarily difficult for people to enter the sport. John and Ralph knew there had to be a safer, easier way for people to learn to breathe underwater.

In 1966, John brought a bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label and thirty dollars to Ralph’s Illinois apartment in Morton Grove. They decided it was time to start a SCUBA training organization. John insisted that the word “professional” be in the name of the company. Ralph wanted an “association of diving instructors.”

After a few scotches, the acronym PADI was born: Professional Association of Diving Instructors

PADI exists to develop programs that encourage and fulfill the public interest in recreational SCUBA diving and snorkeling worldwide.

PADI intends to be the world leader in the educational development of SCUBA diving professionals and enthusiasts.

PADI - The Way the World Learns to Dive.

We want to teach the world to SCUBA dive.

Tasks, Goals and Purposes
PADI strives to be the world’s most respected and successful organization in recreational SCUBA diving and snorkeling. PADI is committed to product and service excellence, the professional growth and security of PADI Members and employees, healthy competition and partnership within the dive industry and to providing training and opportunity for all who seek to enjoy and safely explore and protect our planet’s oceans, lakes and waterways.

IANTD (International Association of Nitrox and Technical Diving)

imgresIANTD Is the world's largest SCUBA diving training organization of Open Water, Nitrox, Enriched Air, Overhead Environment, Cave, Wreck, Rebreather, Trimix, Gas Blenders, Technical SCUBA Divers, Instructors and Instructor-Trainers and now Free Diving.

IANTD is the only EANx (Enriched Air Nitrox) agency that offers training in all aspects of EANx through continuing education programs. This allows you to expand your knowledge and training with top professionals in the field. IANTD instructors are well trained, highly experienced and extremely qualified. IANTD Standards and Procedures provide for the highest level of EANx education and training available. IANTD (IAND, Inc.) was founded by Dick Rutkowski, the former dive supervisor for the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Mr. Rutkowski introduced the recreational diving community to the technology of EANx. This program was developed through NOAA during his tenure. Today the board of directors and the membership of IANTD are composed of the most experienced divers in the world pertaining to the use of breathing alternative gases.

IANTD's mission is to understand the opportunities and challenges of Nitrox, Advanced and Technical diving, in order to foster openness, individual responsibilities, and provide a standard of care for instruction in the diving community. IANTD believes in the Golden Rule and will be honest, ethical and fair in all our venues. We also believe that there are universal principles and natural laws that are more absolute and we try to live by them.

We envision our mission activities in the following areas:
Public Awareness and Advocacy
Safer Diver Program
Program Development and Refinement
Fostering Community

DAN (Divers Alert Network)

danDivers Alert Network Courses

DAN is a not-for-profit 501(C)(3) organization that provides emergency medical advice and assistance for underwater diving injuries, and underwrites a wide range of research, education and training programs that promote safe diving. DAN is supported by more than 200,000 fellow divers with a further 60,000 international divers supporting DAN Europe, DAN Japan, DAN Southeast Asia Pacific and DAN Southern Africa.

DAN provides comprehensive training to the dive community by disseminating the latest information on topics related to diving safety through articles, reports, seminars, lectures and training programs.

CTS (Cylinder Training Services)

CTSCylinder Training Services teaches courses for SCUBA, FIRE DEPARTMENTS, AVIATION, HYDROTESTERS, PAINTBALL or any other industry which deals in HIGH PRESSURE CYLINDERS. A high pressure cylinder is generally defined as any vessel which contains over 40 (psig).

The company owner has been inspecting and working in the cylinder industry since 1999. During this time we have exposed many individuals, companies and government agencies to the importance of cylinder safety and proper inspection techniques. We have worked on or developed training programs for cylinder inspections, the training and proper use of eddy current testing, specialized in training fire fighters in the safe use and inspection of their SCBA equipment and the importance of safety training for employees in the workplace.

TDI (Technical Divers International)

CTS Technical Diving International was one of the first agencies of its kind. It’s focus was and still is on providing training materials and education for specialized diving situations ranging from Nitrox to Closed Circuit Rebreathers, as well as for overhead environments such as caves and wrecks.

Your Technical Training Solution
The Technical Diving International (TDI) diver training program is straight forward, proven effective and offers divers a comprehensive path from Intro to Tech™ to Advanced Trimix. Formed in 1994, TDI has built a reputation for a complete curriculum that includes cavern to full cave, decompression diving, trimix, and wreck penetration training. We also offer four levels of diver certifications on closed-circuit rebreathers to a depth of 100 metres or 330 feet. Round these offerings off with programs for gas blending and preparing equipment for oxygen service and the program selection is complete. Simply put, TDI is a one-stop technical training solution that you will not out-grow.

Applications to Suit All Conditions and Environments
Technical Diving International believes that local conditions demand local knowledge. While our programs are structured to deliver a solid understanding of technical diving and develop skills that are universally applicable, our instructors are encouraged to go beyond the minimum allowable to produce courses that account for, and that are tailored to, location specific environments. For example, diving in the North Atlantic may require a different approach than drift diving in the warm waters of Indonesia. Our training makes sure you are qualified as well as certified. Should you desire a career as a dive professional, TDI & Scuba Diving International (SDI) offer: Divemaster (DM), Assistant Instructor (AI), Instructor, IT Staff Instructor and Instructor Trainer (IT) at the professional level.

Largest Technical Diving Agency in the World
Technical Diving International is the largest technical diving agency in the world. Its courses and certifications are recognized everywhere as the gold standard by which others are measured. International Training has more than 24 regional offices worldwide and through its sport diving sister agency, Scuba Diving International, it is associated with many leading industry groups such as the Recreational Scuba Training Council (RSTC) USA, Canada and Europe; the European Underwater Federation (EUF); and the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). Your card, and most of all your training, will be recognized and respected the world over!

All of these agencies are recognized worldwide and will be accepted wherever your diving adventures may take you. The most important factor in choosing your dive eduaction is the instructor. All of CSI instructors have been trained "in house" and have been carefully selected so we are 100% sure that their personalities and level of expertise will best fit your needs. We always encourage feedback from our students so we can continue to improve our diving education programs.