Ikelite has manufactured underwater flashlights, compasses and photographic equipment since 1962, introducing many innovative new products to the diving industry like the first O-ring sealed underwater light to incorporate a sealed beam bulb, and the first diving compass with a rotating bezel and direct reading degrees.

Ikelite manufactures a diverse line of underwater photographic equipment that ranges from housings for simple point-and-shoot cameras to sophisticated housings for digital SLR and video cameras. Ikelite is famous for the design and manufacture of sophisticated electronic flash units, strobe mounting systems, and a wide range of unique accessories for underwater photography. Read more…

We provide any required services, but do not sell products direct. You can order through most dive shops and some of the larger camera dealers who specialize in underwater photo equipment. Stop by your local dive shop for additional information or forward a request for us to send our current catalog to you. Every product comes with our commitment to company service like nobody else provides… Nobody!

Ikelite endeavors to provide any service to assure that products perform as intended. Products requiring service may be returned through you dealer or sent to Ikelite without prior authorization.

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