Andy Silverman

Owner & Instructor Trainer-Trainer

Andy is the founder and owner of Columbus Scuba. He got his start as an instructor with the first accredited certifying agency, YMCA SCUBA. There he earned the rating of Instructor Trainer and was asked to serve on the National Advisory Committee in program development and standards while continuing as technical advisor for the East Coast region.

In 2011, Andy received the prestigious Platinum Pro 5000 award. Only a select few of the most elite and prominent divers (including Jacques Cousteau) in the WORLD hold this award. He has also been awarded ELITE 300 by PADI and is 1 of 52 instructors out of 136,000 world-wide dive professionals to earn this award.

Andy currently directs the diving program at International Field Studies in Andros, Bahamas which hosts the 3rd largest barrier reef in the world along with beautiful oceanic and inland Blue Holes and caves.

Today Andy sits on the Advisory Board for International Nitrox and Technical Diving (IANTD).

Andy also works with leading equipment manufacturers with field testing and product development.

Professional Certifications:

Andy is a certified Cave Diver and Cavern Instructor with IANTD. He holds an Instructor Trainer-Trainer rating with IANTD. Andy is a Course Director with PADI and Three Star Instructor-Trainer with CMAS. He is involved with Public Safety diving and works as a trainer for numerous Public Safety Diving teams in Ohio.

Andy also sits on the Advisory Board for International Nitrox and Technical Diving (IANTD). In 2011, Andy received the prestigious Platinum Pro 5000 award. Only a select few of the most elite and prominent divers (including Jacques Cousteau) in the WORLD hold this award.

•IANTD Open Water Instructor Trainer Trainer (ITT)
•IANTD Advanced Rec. Trimix Instructor Trainer
•IANTD Cave and Cavern Instructor
•Semi and Closed Circuit Rebreather Instructor
•SEI Instructor Trainer
•YMCA Instructor Trainer
•CMAS 3 Star Instructor Trainer
•PADI Course Director
•Cylinder Training Services (CTS) Instructor
•DAN Instructor
•ASHI Instructor
•HSA Instructor

•IDEA Instructor Trainer
•SSI Dive Control Instructor
•PSDA Level 4 Instructor
•PADI Medic First Aid Instructor
•ARC Instructor
•AHA Instructor

Diving Specialty Instructor Certifications:

•Night Diver
•Boat Diver
•Computer Assisted Diver
•Multi Level Profile Diver
•Diver Propulsion Vehicle Diver
•Cavern Diver
•Wreck Diver
•Technical Wreck Diver
•Ice Diver
•Navigation Diver
•Nitrox Enriched Air
•Advanced Nitrox
•Recreational Trimix
•Advanced Recreational Trimix
•Free Diver
•Oxygen Provider
•Diver First Aid
•Public Safety Diver
•Search and Recovery Diver
•Equipment Repair Specialist
•Fish Identification Diver
•Peak Performance Buoyancy Diver
•Reef Ecology Diver
•Coral Reef Conservation Specialist
•Gas Blender
•Dry Suit Diver
•Basic Life Support
•Hazardous Marine Life
•Self-Sufficient Diver
•PSI Cylinder Inspector
•Aqualung Technical Seminar Certification
•Cressi-sub Technical Seminar Certification

And what really matters...

Melissa Silverman, Andy's wife, and their boys, Andrew and Tyler are a testament to the CSI family!

Melissa is an accomplished Instructor. She is eager to get to know you and make you part of the CSI family. Melissa is committed to making your experience a good one from the shop to the water!

Meet the rest of the staff

Josh Ashley

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Josh was inspired to learn to dive by his dad, who was an active diver in the early 70s. Josh is an Eagle Scout and loves the outdoors. His favorite dives have been the caverns of Ginnie Springs, Florida and the wreck of the RMS Rhone in the British Virgin Islands. He feels fortunate to have found the awesome family at CSI.

Bob Bolds


Bob has had a long love for water, starting as a lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor before earning his certification. When not diving, Bob is a banking professional as well as a Youth Pastor.  His wife Robin and two daughters, Tori and Taylor also share his passion of diving.

Jody Brooks


You'll find Instructor Jody Brooks in the water every weekend with students past and present. Jody loves sharing his knowledge in and out of the water. He enjoys spending time around the campfire on the weekends with his wife Lisa and his scuba family.

Lisa Brooks


Lisa Brooks is a dive master and the Treasurer of the Mid Ohio Dive Club. Her favorite dive spot is Bonaire or anywhere with Sea Turtles. Lisa brings style to the sport of diving by "blinging out" her gear. You will find Lisa and her husband Jody out by the campfire in the evenings.

Shelby Brown

Master Scuba Diver Instructor

Shelby went to Hocking College for ecotourism and adventure travel, where she learned how to dive in 2014 on Andros island in the Bahamas. She fell in love with SCUBA and the ocean and decided to pursue it further with the great family at CSI.

Jessica Carrier


Jessica is proud to be in the CSI family! She started diving in Spring 2011 and became instantly hooked! Jessica became an Instructor in 2012 and has loved sharing her passion for diving with others. She is a high school Biology and Chemistry teacher currently in South Korea.

Ryan Carrier


Ryan has been diving since August 2011. Ryan's favorite course so far is the cavern diving course at Ginnie Springs, Florida. He loves to travel and living in Europe and South America. You can almost always find Ryan by looking for the neon green drysuit!

Nick Carroll


Nick didn’t discover his passion for scuba diving until he was in his 50’s, but don’t let that fool you: once the seed was sown, it didn’t take him long to advance through his many certifications. When he’s not diving, Nick enjoys snowboarding and spending time with his family.

Jessie Cohen-Kiraly


Jessie got certified in 2014 in the Bahamas. Originally from Cleveland, OH, Jessie came to Columbus and joined the family. She attends college in West Virginia where she studies recreation, parks, and tourism resources.

Shane Cooke

Tec Instructor

Shane is a graduate of OSU and avid outdoor enthusiast. Shane spends much of his time in the outdoors no matter the weather.  Before scuba he spent time backpacking through much of the US and Canada.  He is an IANTD technical instructor and loves diving shipwrecks!

Allison Dawson


After getting certified in 2011 for a trip to Andros Island, Allison caught the scuba bug! She graduated from Ohio Wesleyan with degrees in Zoology and Music. When she's not diving, she's singing. In fact, you'll probably hear her humming through her regulator!

Jude Divierte

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Jude was born in NY, moved to Ohio in 1986 and has been a Buckeye ever since. In 2001, he completed his Open Water Certification. Since then he has continued his education through multiple agencies to the professional level. He is an IANTD and PADI Open Water Instructor.

Jennifer Fiutem


Jennifer started as an OW student in 2014. It was a life changing decision. Not long afterwards she talked her daughter's into diving. Now she travels the world with her daughter's and scuba family. In pursuit of becoming a better diver she has obtained 11 additional certifications.

Chris Flook


Chris was originally certified in 2009, but began underwater exploration by snorkeling on shallow ship wrecks in Lake Huron at the tender age of 8. Chris loves the technical side of deep diving; it's not rare to find him hanging out at the bottom of Gilboa.

Michael Flowers


Michael Flowers started his scuba career as a student with CSI on the island of Anrdros, Bahamas. He quickly progressed through his divemaster, and recently became an instructor and is fully enjoying teaching and fun diving in the big blue ocean of Jeju, South Korea.

Dave Foley


Dave started diving on family vacation in the Caribbean in 2012 and was hooked ever since. Originally from NY, Dave moved to Columbus to attend Veterinary School. Shortly after, Dave found Columbus Scuba and joined the family. Dave loves Columbus Scuba's trips to Gilboa where he can scuba dive and camp with the gang.

Mark Friend


From snow to sun, Mark does it all. He has an education in Eco-tourism and Adventure Travel and certification in Vertical Rope Rescue, Leave No Trace ethics, Wilderness Survival and First Aid, Ocean Kayaking, sailing, Maritime Captain and much more.

Jessica Granger


Jess has a long standing love of water, has been diving since 2008, and a dive master since 2015. She started scuba diving as therapy after a military deployment. Jess particularly enjoys training with and teaching small children how to dive. When she's not here in Ohio, she enjoys finding new dive sites with her husband and daughter.

Georges Gawinowski

Instructor Trainer-Trainer

Georges has taught full time scuba diving for 18 years. He is IANTD's Training Director for the US South-East coast, and member of the IANTD Board of Advisors. He is NSS/CDS CCR Cave instructor teaches Cave diving, Wreck diving, mixed gas diving and rebreathers.

Bryan Griffith

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Bryan received his PADI dive instructor certification in 1996 through Ocean Divers in Key Largo, Florida. Shortly afterward, Bryan moved back to Ohio where he worked for a local dive shop. Bryan has been a certified dive instructor now for over 17 years.

Matt Halla


Matt has 22+ continuous years of diving that first started with his OW experience near Central America. Since then, diving has placed him beneath ice, collecting Megalodon teeth, mapping caves, and inside fresh/salt water shipwrecks. He's now revisiting all those paths again with rebreather diving!

Steve Hecker


Steve has been diving since 2012. During that time he has obtained several certifications through PADI and IANTD. You will most likely find Steve behind the camera. There aren’t too many weekends during the year that you won’t find him underwater.

Scott Heidrich


Scott received his Open Water Certification at OSU, where he graduated with a degree in Fisheries Management. He has worked in the aquarium industry for more than 20 years. An avid angler and world traveler, Scott has been active with CSI since he rediscovered his love for scuba on a trip to Okinawa, early in 2016.

Jon Heidenreich


Jon started diving in 2008, and obtained instructor status in 2015. Jon dives frequently at tanks in the Newport Aquarium where he volunteers. His favorite dive? Anytime when his wife, Linda, and 11 year old son, Matthew are blowing bubbles too!

Elizabeth Ingraham


Inspired by her love of water and travel, Elizabeth became certified in 2012 and continued diving because of the friendships she built through Columbus Scuba. She enjoys the peace and quiet the water brings, as well as helping new divers feel comfortable in the water and overcome initial fears. Elizabeth teaches first grade and feels right at home educating others underwater.

Matt Holbrook


Matt is a Telecommunications Engineer by day and a passionate scuba instructor by night/weekends. He began his diving career five years ago with CSI as an open water student. He enjoys mentoring students through their diving experiences. Matt loves diving with his wife Dori and son Tyler.

TC Huang


TC has been in Columbus area since 1993 when he moved to attend OSU from Taiwan. After his first certification in 2011, he fell in love with the sport and has been diving avidly ever since. You will find him diving somewhere in the quarry, rain or shine.

Doug Hyland

Master Scuba Diver Instructor

Doug started as a Public Safety Diver in 2007 and has been hooked on blowing bubbles ever since. Doug is firefighter and paramedic for Washington Twp. When not instructing students, you'll find Doug with his two children, hunting, or at the ice rink.

Joe Kline


Diving since the early 1990's, Joe enjoys sharing all his experiences and helping others to experience a whole new world "under the sea".

Greg LeValley

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Greg began diving in 2002 as a Public Safety Diver. He met and became part of the CSI family in 2015. His favorite dives include Guadalcanal, Tonga, Bonaire, Roatán and fossil diving in Venice Beach. Greg enjoys diving with his wife and daughter and loves passing on his passion of diving to others.

Mike Lewellen


Mike received his open water certification in 1994, followed by his Divemaster certification in 1999. Before coming to CSI, Mike spent time working for Sub Aquatics. A Father of twin girls Haley and Devan, and married to his wife, Natalie, he loves spending time with his family when he’s not diving. He started working with the CSI family in 2017.

Shawn Marker


Shawn learned to dive in 1996 while in the Air Force. In 2010 Shawn was introduced to the CSI family. Since then he has completed his Dive Master and Instructor training. Shawn enjoys diving at Gilboa Quarry and Cooper River.

Mitch Mazaher


Mitch threw together a bucket list and SCUBA was at the top. “Getting certified with CSI is among the best decisions I’ve ever made.” Mitch works full time as a Professional Engineer, and is a graduate from The University of Texas at Austin.

Joe Mazik


Joe got his open water certification in 2009 at age 15 and was hooked ever since.  He studies Mechanical Engineering at Ohio State University and loves the Buckeyes. One day he hopes to design and create his own scuba gear. His favorite dive was on a wreck in the Florida Keys, The Thunderbolt!

Jim McMillin


Jim has been diving since 2012. During that time he has obtained nine advanced/specialty certifications through PADI and IANTD. Most of his diving has been in the Ohio quarries and the Caribbean. Jim’s favorite dive is any with his wife.

Meghan McMillin


Meghan has been diving since 2012. In that time she's obtained nine advanced/specialty certifications through PADI, including Divemaster.  Most of her diving has been in Ohio quarries. Meghan’s favorite dive is the Carib Cargo dive in Saint Maarten.

Chris Medved


Chris got certified in 2011 so he could dive while on vacation in Hawaii, and hasn’t looked back since. He enjoys traveling with his wife Tina and diving with his “scuba” family. His favorite dives are the Cooper River and the Manta Ray dive in Hawaii.

Josh Moening


Josh was originally certified back in college but it wasn't until discovering the CSI family, was he able to really dive into the hobby he loves. His favorite dives have been the Cenotes in Mexico and Cooper River in SC. Outside of CSI, Josh is a Human Resources Manager and avid runner, 5k to Half Marathons.

Eric Nilsen


As a competitive swimmer, Eric had dreams to breathe under water. So getting scuba certified seemed natural. Eric has been diving since 2005. Eric enjoys diving in Ohio and many Caribbean locations.

Charles Nutt


From the first breath Charles took underwater he was hooked! When he did his first check-out dive at the quarry, it ignited a passion to continue on with diving education.  During the day he is a Structural Engineer. Charles is happiest underwater because they can’t make him take work with him-no matter how hard they try!

Linda Pansing


Linda has been a diver since 1988 when, she had to get certified to marry into her husband’s diving family ;-) An Archaeologist by trade, she has worked on terrestrial and underwater sites that date from the Late Pleistocene to the 20th century.

Scott Pansing


Scott has been diving since the early 80's and has never looked back. He has worked with many scuba originations to help promote diving and to make the sport safer and more enjoyable for all divers. During the weekdays he is an Electromagnetic Compliance Engineer, but on the weekends, just a mild mannered scuba diver.

Jerry Perkins


Jerry, Instructor, Mayor of CSI-ville, President of Mid-Ohio Dive Club, Head BBQ Chef, wears many hats at CSI. His favorite thing about diving is the "family" he has found. His most favorite dives are with his wife Toni but Jerry will dive anywhere there is salt or fresh water!!

Steven Repas


Steven discovered diving in 2012 and was fortunate enough to have met the CSI family in 2014. Steven is studying pharmaceutical science and pre-medicine at THE Ohio State University. Outside of diving, Steven really enjoys participating in mission trips to Haiti.

Aaron Richards


Aaron loves sharing his joy for life and diving with everyone he meets! He completed his Divemaster in 2013 especially enjoys leading new drysuit divers in cold water (we live in Ohio.) Outside of CSI, Aaron is director of Catholic Youth Summer Camp and works as a youth minister.

Matt Roehl


Matt graduated Ohio State with an aeronautical engineering degree because they did not offer scuba diving as a major. He loves to escape work whenever he can to join the CSI family at the local quarries or elsewhere. Matt is also a skydiver and flight instructor.

Laurie (Lulu) Schneider


Laurie (Lulu) went to Hocking College where she learned to scuba dive in the Bahamas. she fell in love with the sport, so she decided to follow that path in 2015. Along with working at the shop, Lulu also assists with Aqua Gym.

Paul Sherry


Originally from New Jersey, Paul has lived in Ohio since 1981. Outside of CSI, he's the IT Manager for a local Engineering firm. His first experience in diving was a Resort dive in Jamaica. Since that dive he spends every weekend either diving in Ohio quarries or instructing classes.

Melissa Silverman

Master Scuba Diver Trainer

Being married and the mother of two boys, Melissa loves the family atmosphere within CSI. It is not only just about the underwater world adventure but also the friendships made above the water. She is also an elementary teacher and university professor.

Cari Stahlman


Cari started diving as an anthropological science student at OSU not knowing that scuba would become life. Thanks to the support and passion from being part of the Columbus Scuba family, she is now looking towards the path of Maritime Archeology. It’s no surprise that wreck dives are Cari’s favorite dives!

Mike Stahlman


In 2009 Mike started his certification through CSI at the field station in Andros, Bahamas. He quickly advanced to his instructor certification. Mike has certified hundreds of students in Ohio and at numerous caribbean resorts. It is rare to see Mike out of the water.

Mirek Standowicz

Technical Instructor

Mirek's first started diving in 1983 with the Special Forces of the Polish Armed Forces. He has logged more than 3000 dives, many of them to depths 330+ feet. Mirek was the first diver to dive the wrecks of Carl. D. Bradley (380 ft.) and Polish Destroyer ORP GROM (350 ft.). Mirek works with Police Rescue and Recovery Units conducting underwater death investigations.

Marissa Stopski


Marissa started diving in 2012. She had always wanted to dive, but she didn't realize she could in Ohio until she stumbled upon CSI's website. She has been diving with them ever since. Her favorite places to dive are the waters of Bonaire and the caverns at Ginnie Springs, Florida

Drew Tappan


Drew graduated from OSU, and is an instructor with CSI. He has been diving since 2002 and was hooked from the first breath underwater.  Drew likes to travel and dive during his travels.  His favorite places to dive are Roatan, Honduras, Hawaii, and Grand Cayman, B.W.I.

Mark Thomas


Mark has been diving since 1974 where he quickly became interested in underwater Photography. He has received grants to film underwater segments for The National Geographic/PADI Society, The Learning Channel, The Discovery Channel and the Division of Wildlife.

Scott Thomas


Scott joined the CSI family when he got certified 2013. He has since worked on the Great Barrier Reef and the lesser known Ningaloo Reef of Australia as an underwater photographer. He loves spending weekends at the quarry helping new divers feel more confident in the water.

Brian Thompson


As an avid adventurer, Brian fell in love with scuba after taking a discover scuba class. Like most, he can still remember his first time breathing underwater and how unnatural, yet awesome it was; He loves sharing diving experiences with others. His favorite place to dive, so far, is Cozumel. Brian is also an FAA Licensed Pilot and a Seventh Grade Teacher in Hocking County.

Steve Trenish

PSD Instructor

Steve serves as a firefighter with the Columbus Fire Department. He is also a NFPA rescue technician and works various heavy rescue assignments. Steve has been an instructor since 2004 and avidly teaches Public Safety Diving as an Instructor Trainer with PSDA & Water Rescue.

Harold Wagner


Harold trained for Olympic trials in 1988 for 100 yard Butterfly, has always loved the water.  Once he got into diving in 2012, he wanted to stay under as long as possible. The CSI family makes SCUBA Diving worth while, a great new experience.  

Dustin Weber


Dustin is a graduate of Ohio University and Capital University. He began diving in 2011, and since has continued his dive education through continuing education courses. When not driving his kids to soccer games and practices, you will find him diving.

Stacy Whitted


Stacy joined CSI in 2013 as a part time part of the family. She started diving in Northern Australia, and continued loving it while working in the diving industry in Key Largo. She is happy to have found a home where she can have a great time diving with amazing people!

Gary Wilgus


Gary began diving in 2003 and became an instructor in 2017. He has dove extensively in the Caribbean Sea and the Indian Ocean. His favorite dive site is the Santa Rosa Wall in Cozumel, Mexico. Full time, he supervises the states Crime Scene Unit and Forensic Dive Team for the Ohio Attorney General’s Office.

Abra Williams Witzky


Abra started diving on the Greek island of Kos, where she fell in love with the sport.  When Abra returned to the states, she found a home with CSI where her love and passion for Scuba Diving has continued to grow. Abra can be found helping customers in the store to instructing students underwater.

Terry Woodford


Terry Woodford has been a resident of Hilliard Ohio for the last 13 years. Terry enjoys spending time with his wife and children, and scuba diving whenever possible. His favorite places to dive are the Caribbean and Florida springs.

Tom Woodruff


Tom first became certified in 1985, and has been diving the fresh water quarries of Ohio, the ocean and springs of Florida, and the Caribbean ever since. He became an IDC staff instructor in 2011.